Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Still having trouble with my computer, (probably my own fault) I understand my article was corrupted, -whatever that means- causing me delay
8th. August.
Again I must say thankyou Brooke, you have helped restore my faith in human nature. I shall certainly try the book, (it sounds interesting) especially if it can convince me I'm not becoming paranoid. I need yours and other peoples' help, people interested in current affairs, to spread the Gospel (according to Angry Old Woman) as I am as yet unlisted on political lists, so my only source of advertising is word of mouth.
I want to get all the unrepresented, non consulted lesser mortals like myself stirred up, angry. I want to stop this unquestioning acceptance, this lethargy we appear to have sunk into - or even been brainwashed into. Again, I want your considered views on things you feel are unjust or feel strongly about. I don't want you and your friends to say 'But we can't do anything about it', - Get Angry - say 'Let's do something about it', or at least, 'Let us try'.
BECAUSE, though I'm sure you have doubts, believe me, we do still have Free Speech. YES, it is not yet a Capital Offence to air your views, even strongly. So get involved, bring your concerns into the arena, whilst you still can! (Before the stun guns get into circulation).
If I have to confront the people allegedly 'in charge' or allegedly with our 'interests at heart' so be it, I will enjoy that, but a little input or feedback from others will give me extra impetus.
My Thought For The Week:
I'm listing costly Government funded (actually taxpayer funded) QUANGOS, groupies, lovies etc. etc. I have personally heard of, from the top of my head - without having to do any research..i.e.:
Focus Groups, Watchdogs, Czars, Regulatory Bodies, Think tanks, Research Groups, Investigative Bodies, Enquiry and Inquiry Bodies, Policy Units, Advisory (mainly Government) Bodies, Image Creators (Government of course), Analysts, Statisticians, Development and Public Relations Groups, Revue Bodies, Commissions (Royal and otherwise), Task Forces, Scrutiny Commissions, Charity Commissions, Ombudsmen various, Fair Trading and Trading Standards Bodies, Consultancy Bodies, Off-Tel Off-Lot, etc. etc.
These are just the ones I personally have heard of, how many more I do not know of I dread to think! These 'chosen people', supposedly guardians of Joe Public, all have their own costly administration, management and beaurocracy and usually appear toothless, unaccountable and unchallenged. They may, at great expense, take up to one or even two years 'investigating', eventually coming up with pre-packaged, partial answers, mainly things we already knew, answers which were floated before they actually went into action. Is it time to get our own Independent Investigative Body with Independent Auditors (funded with taxpayers money) and get this lot questioned, accountable and costed I ask myself.
Little wonder our Hospitals, Schools, in fact all our Public Services are in such a perilous state!
P.S.. Perhaps I could qualify to become a 'Charitable Organisation' representing we non represented 80-85% silent majority, perhaps even deserving of Government and Lottery funding! You think...Yes? No?

Monday, July 23, 2001

21st. July.
A friend has 'hinted' I'm becoming a bit of a bore, actually verbally expressing the word obsessive, so I need to lighten up.
But, I feel I must air my views about the rather scarey dismissal of two Select Committee 'Chairpersons' ( Yes, I've been hijacked into P.C. submission) for actually daring to query, even criticise 'NEW' Labour Ministers and their acolytes who were incompetent, or economical with the truth regarding their actions or assertions. They are, I understand, to be replaced by Government cloned sycophants and obedient Yes Men (and women), allowing Governments, Ministers, Departments, Civil Servants etc. to become even more secretive, more unaccountable and even more unchallenged. A Government, with such a massive majority, that stoops to these levels to keep us in the dark, makes me feel it's not just 'scarey' it's frightening! When I ask 'What on earth is going on?', who is going to give me an honest answer, in fact any answer? You've got it! No one.. certainly not the brainwashed clones!
I cannot comment on Mr. Anderson, as personally I know little about him, but, I've always felt Mrs. Dunwoody was an honest broker - forthright, calling a spade a spade, exactly the type required to head Committees or Investigations into impropriety or erroneous Government conduct.
I was pleased though surprised to learn that over 100 Labour M.Ps. actually rebelled against their sacking, giving me slight, but at least some hope, but also dismayed that over 200 Labour M.Ps. felt this was acceptable or even good practice. Perhaps it's time for a Government 'Stockade' Select Committee, maybe even a 'Firing Squad' Select Committee?? I'm sure the 100+ Labour M.Ps will be 'graciously' ignored.
Becoming even more alarming is:
A) The way people in control today have been schooled in - and become skilled in - the black art of insidiously, but unconvincingly, justifying and glossing over, (with meaningless cant,buzzwords current mantras etc.) any breaches of honesty, ethics etc.
B) Is the way dissenting voices are surrepticiously removed.
C) How superficial single issue 'crises' are created to take the focus off these things.
D) How we 'commoners' have also been schooled into mainly accepting all this without complaint or challenge. Is someone putting something into our water supply I ask myself?
I'm afraid it will have to be next time when I 'lighten up'. Please tell me, am I becoming paranoid or what? Convince me I'm wrong about these things. Brooke, Steven, (my only two Comments contributors) where are you now?

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

10th. July '01
I know I'm a whinger, but still having problems I'll continue with 'Thought for the week ' only, for the moment.
BUT.. YES.. there is 'someone out there', - thankyou Steven for taking the time and trouble to air your views so concisely, but adequately on the 'Comments' facility, it really gave me a 'buzz'. For that you get top billing and we continue arguing Conservative Party Elections in your honour.
Re. Kenneth Clarke, I agree with most of your points, but personally have a couple of reservations. First, his vested interest in the Tobacco Industry gives me food for thought (and I say this as a smoker). For me there is already much too much influence and involvement by Big Business, Industry etc. etc. in Government affairs and the running of our country. Though Mr Clarke will, I'm sure, 'relinquish' his interests, I fear most politicians feel the need to be 'well prepared' for Life after Politics.
My second reservation is his unswerving allegience to our complete integration with Europe. I am very confused about it all and have been swayed both ways, for and against, as the information provided is so biased and unbalanced when issued by the pro and anti Europeans. There is an urgent need for honest, balanced education, by knowledgeable, non vested interested people.
Still.. if not Mr Clarke - WHO? I am not overly impressed by the others, having even deeper reservations about them. BUT WE SHALL SOON KNOW!
Re. Ken Livingstone for Labour leader, I doubt it! I personally feel he is basically honest, but found some of his extreme ideas a little worrying. Re. Next labour leader: I feel perhaps a Maggie Thatcher or even a President Pinochet model may be more in tune with the 'NEW' Labour philosophy! Yes? No?
As Steven did, to argue or agree with him or myself, click on the 'Comments' facility, read his comment fully and add your own.
P.S. I am continuing to build my ammunition for Health Secretary Alan Milburn, against Private Sector involvement in our Health Service!

Monday, July 02, 2001

July 1st.
Well, It appears I'm on my own, so I'll just have to do my own thing - you are still welcome to challenge me though.
I'm presently doing a little investigation into our Health Services, hoping to get some answers to simple, common sense questions. My greatest worry at present is the involvement and alleged 'investment' of the Private Sector, possibly Industry, Markets, Corporations etc. etc. (known as P.F.I.) into our Services. I'm preparing a questionnaire to distribute to people involved or who should have the answers, hoping to get honest, convincing answers, but, feel I may have problems. To me, it is unbelievable that lessons have not been learned from the costly disaster of Private Sector involvement into our Transport System, extremely costly in safety, monetary and human terms. I'm getting the feeling that all these unaccountable people jumping on the Public Services bandwagon are becoming parasitic, stripping our services and feeding off the taxpayer, to me that is a frightening scenario, but, I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. I feel there's an urgency to get answers, and I'll keep anyone interested updated.
My short but sweet 'thought for the day' is about the Conservative Leadership Election. As an Ex Labour, Ex, Ex Conservative voter I feel justified in airing my views on these things.
I personally thought William Hague was an honest politician. I personally feel he was badly served by the media, whom it appeared did not feel he fitted the charysmatic or image criteria required, and I feel he was insidiously undermined. Though rarely in agreement with Mr. Hague's sentiments, I felt he did not prostitute his values, ideals or principles for political gain or popularity. I felt admiration at his prompt, honest assessment of the Party's standing and at his immediate resignation - honesty appears such a rare commodity in todays political climate! WHO FOLLOWS HAGUE? I'll air my views at a later date, I have reservations about all the candidates, more about some than others.
AGREE?.. DISAGREE?.. Press 'Comment' and tell me..

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

June 24th.
Long time - no chat!
I've been burdened with a couple of problems.
First, I injured my back during a couple of days gardening.
Secondly, my computer has been giving me grief - probably something I'm doing wrong as I'm still an amateur at this game, it may even be my computer at fault, OR, should I think ' Big Brother May Be Watching Me'!
I can continue to ramble on ad finitum, it certainly helps me to let off steam, but, I would love to know if it does anything for anyone else. I've indicated the service I would like the site to provide, why not tell me what you feel you would like, or feel you could get from it?
I personally have many issues I feel need addressing. Having worked for the Health Service for a number of years, watched it deteriorate, now feel this and Public Services in general are top of my list of priorities, but anyone interested in politics either for information or even entertainment find issues about which they have strong feelings. So give me your priorities and hopefully we can address the things most people feel most strongly about.
As I am feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment, I would appreciate something to cheer me up please. So 'If There Is Anybody Out There', please humour me, any political 'funnies' you have heard, pass them on to me and give me a laugh. There must be some comedy even in todays political arena!

Normal Service will be resumed shortly.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

16th. June.
I've spent a lot of time putting down points, then removing some and finally coming up with what I feel are the most important guidelines to make the site provide the service I want.


I intend to research, investigate and hopefully get a few honest answers to current concerns.

I will be controversial, ruffle feathers, possibly anger people, you may disagree and argue, even convince me that I'm wrong!

I hope for and need feedback and information to confront organ grinders (instead of monkeys) involved in controversies being discussed.

I need concise, rational, informative, constructive views or argument from you, on issues raised.

By the way, I am the ONLY one allowed to 'ramble on', on two counts:-
A.. Senility is gradually overtaking me,
B..It is my site.

Future Aims:
Occasionally, relevant political cartoons with some of subjects raised.

Discussion and 'outing' of 'weakest link' involved in subject under discussion.

No Nos for my site:-
Extremist views (right or left wing) unacceptable.

Biased contributions from people with vested interest or personal agendas unacceptable.

No alleged 'reliable' but 'anonymous' sources, if source is reliable anonymity is not required.

I welcome personal, concise views from everyone, but will not appreciate the current party piece or soundbite from 'spokespersons' of pressure groups, civil liberty groups, single issue groups etc. etc..
Certainly put forward your own personal view, but, under your own name, and please, do not use my site to advertise your cause, you have numerous outlets to do that - sometimes I feel at the expense of concerns and issues affecting the unrepresented silent majority.

I extend the same courtesy to experts, journalists, M.Ps, Government Ministers, Prime Ministers etc.. Put your personal views if you feel strongly about an issue, but the same No Nos apply to you as to previously mentioned P.C. groups, please use your own name or a pseudonym - with concise and relevant being the operative words!

My message to ECHELON which I understand is a Government backed, allegedly Government funded BIG BROTHER outfit is: PLEASE, do not waste taxpayers money on electronically bugging myself or my site, you and Government will be kept informed and updated I assure you - all is transparent and open.

I've put in, taken out and changed so many things, I'm afraid I have lost a little of the edge I wanted, but, think the basics are still clear, continue to bear with me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

June 13th.
I was going to rattle on with my thoughts about the negative, unconvincing election campaign and result. I was going to tell you how sad it was to hear the parties and media shrieking 'landslide victory' when Labour was endorsed by 25% of the electorate, going to say that the only party I consider to have had a 'landslide victory' was the Disenfranchised Apathy Party , which now has my allegience.

I was going to tell you about my :
Plan A: To have a box on the voting slip labelled 'NONE OF THE ABOVE', guaranteeing a much higher turnout than the disastrous, undemocratic 58% we got.
Plan B: Having a well researched, honest, Proportional Representation package - an issue not discussed or addressed during the campaign, though I know many people feel strongly about it.

I was going to tell you we need honest representatives (perhaps even Independants), wanting to improve things for me, you, our families and friends and importantly , our constituencies.

BUT, I will not subject you to all that - and lots more I had in mind - as I know you're all bored rigid with it all, and I want to keep your interest!

I will concentrate upon issues about which I know there is much concern, my top priority being our Public Services which I hope to research, investigate, even get answers, before they are completely destroyed.

I am in the process of padding out what I want my site to do. I feel the need to challenge so many things that are happening. Government Bodies, Committees, Organisations, Beaurocrats etc. etc. need to be made much more accountable for their pronouncements and actions and I need your help to do this. Much of what I am aiming for is a repetition of my initial 'Manifesto' with a few extras.

P.S. I'm still having gliches with my comment facility which is irritating, hopefully we'll get there soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

June 10th. '01
I actually banned myself from my website until after the weekend, but understand from my mentor that my comment facility is up and running. I am delighted, I'm new to this 'scene' so please be patient with me and give me your support to get it up and running.

I've had one comment already, exactly the type of thing I want. It was concise, logical, balanced and addressed a point constructively. Thankyou Brooke for your input, I agree with your points and I'm sure we'll be addressing the allegedly 'contained' Foot and Mouth debacle in more detail as further repercussions rear their ugly head. If others 'out there' have points of view, information or constructive criticism about this debate, or any other points raised, press 'comment' button of the day concerned - and get stuck in, BUT, please keep it concise and constructive, take your cue from Brooke.

Soon, I shall give my aims for the site in detail, what I shall put in to it, also what I want to get out of it. As it is my site I feel that is my prerogative.

I must round off my election fever with my summing up in a couple of days, prior to turning to a fresh page and agenda, I know you can't wait! Cheers.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

June 6th.
Last Ditch Extra:
For my final pre election rant I feel I must comment on the four weeks election campaigning. I've found it neither edifying nor educational. We've had prepackaged, Image Created clones with the false sincerity and frenetic hand movements, all chanting their current mantra or soundbite. (sickbag time or what?) I've been given lots of negative information about opposing parties, but on being questioned about own policies or ideals, all the candidates become confused, evasive or angry. They ARE good at the old photo opportunity though, aren't they? Have YOU personally heard or learned anything concrete about policies or agendas from any party? I haven't.
I feel my worst fears are going to be realised and unbelievable as it seemed to me, we're going to have a landslide victory on our hands. I'm so disheartened and feel increasing concern.
I understand our PRIME Minister put out a plea to us not to be influenced by their record over the past four years but by what they were going to do over the coming four years. I emphatically disagree and say to you, DO be influenced by the past four year record, please! Once again, the few implied 'promises' will become aims, visions and aspirations and again require a further 10yrs. to implement.

I will have to take time off to recuperate, assess - and recharge my batteries -probably in a darkened room! Apologies for todays poor effort.
More in a few days

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

June 5th.
Only two days to political 'meltdown'.
I know I'm repetative and concentrate on certain political points I feel strongly about, but, post election I will move on.
It has been disappointing to me being unable to organise my comment facility prior to the election. I really wanted feedback, constructive criticism and argument. When I am completely up and running I want investigation and research into peoples' concerns, people like myself who feel ignored and unrepresented. I personally have many concerns which I hope to raise after the election.
Now down to business with my penultimate (possibly last) pre election thought for the day!
I must return to my last 'sermon' re. my progressive disenchantment - verging on alienation - during the Labour period of government:
First, a postscript to my previous moan about the Foot and Mouth debacle. The confused and confusing information, the economy with the truth and muddled, even garbled messaging throughout, turned a worrying problem into a crisis. Though little is being said at the moment, I feel there could be further repercussions to this disaster.
Other concerns:
Apparently, the gap between rich and poor has rocketed even more steeply than previously, over the past four years.
Apparently, the funding of the public services has been completely misrepresented (I wouldn't say dishonestly of course) as figures given are reached by double or triple accounting I understand! Isn't that called 'massaging the figures'? A large percentage of the money actually reaching the services is then used in extra beaurocracy and management, accounting for the drastic shortage of staff on the ground.
Apparently, there are heavy 'hints' of private sector involvement in our health and education systems, putting we the taxpayers into the £billions times 10s+ debt category, to the private sector, over the next few decades. One would think after the disastrous, costly involvement of the private sector in the transport systems, our prison system, etc. etc., lessons would have been learned!
Isn't all this completely at odds to the messages we were given as to Labour party thinking?
What has happened to the alleged 'more open, honest, caring government' we were promised?

If after considering my questionnaire 3rd. June, you feel confident a candidate on offer can fulfill what you personally feel you require, be happy and vote for them. If you have doubts, consider other options, one being my option put forward 28th. May, and, please pass on my website address to others with strong political interests and doubts, looking for other options.
If I don't manage a further pre-election moan...Happy voting!